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Al Fassel Shipping Co is one of the world's leading provider of shipping, logistics and marine services.

Since it started operations in the mid-1980s in Saudi Arabia, Al Fassel Shipping Co. has steadily expanded its geographical coverage and range of operations to serve customers around the world. Today, it is a truly global operator serving the shipping, logistics and marine industries on all the continents.  Al Fassel Shipping Co has been established with 100% Saudi ownership as well as Managed and operated by Saudis and other multi national staffs. Al Fassel is one of the Fassel Groups which is considered as one of the large business consortium in Saudi Arabia.

To extend its business, Al Fassel Shipping has dedicated its self to own the following number of ships.
(3) Reefer Carrier GRT 3 5000,(1) SD GRT 3000,(4) Livestock Carrier GRT 3000 7000